Smart Invoicing for Logistics
with Blockchain

Adding trust between logistics service providers and shippers, ensuring shipping rates and charges comply to contract

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The number of contracts between shipping providers and sellers can become messy.

With XPL you don’t need costly freight invoice auditing parties anymore. XPL is your direct link between logistic service providers and shippers.


Take back control of your logistics spend and supply chain processes

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Get immediate quotes for your shipping request. All the existing contracts are securely saved within XPL and you will receive a price estimate with a simple click.

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Contracts can be changed flexibly, but never without the validated and approved consent of the counter party, thereby making it a trustworthy and flexible platform. 

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Direct insights in shipping costs

Our dashboard view gives you direct and live insights into your logistics spent. Potential charges for waiting will be added to the invoice online. No surprises, full transparency of costs.


One single source of truth for both parties

Code-based representation of legal agreements
Always correct rates & surcharges
Real Time transparency
Flexibility in contracting
Easy onboarding of customers
Data immutability

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Sign contracts digitally

base price


lithium batteries


fuel surcharge




Total amount

Immediate provisional invoice cost for Shippers

  • Early indication of expected cost (incl. surcharges)

  • No surprises of unexpected additional cost

  • Early dispute management

  • Sooner resolution with lowers chance of delayed invoices

Confirm Order

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For Shippers

No more costly freight auditing parties
Transparency of logistics spent before invoicing
No more rejected shipping
Don't waste time on checking invoices
Faster contracting

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For Logistics Providers

Optimize accounts receivable
No lengthy reconciliation of payments
Payments are usually delayed by 2 months
Increase your working capital
Less dispute management needed
Build up trust and transparency

Approve and sign the smart contract via a predefined workflow

Carriers confirm the order fulfillment and send the invoice, in line with the signed agreement, directly from the dashboard.
Full disclosure of your logistics spent and possible additional charges.

Blockchain technology contracting
Mutually signed agreements
No emails and phone calls needed

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Our team

Eugenius Otte

Co-Founder​ & CMO

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Han Verheijen

Co-Founder​ & CTO

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Jason Maddox

Co-Founder​ & CPO

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Karyna Hornostai

Partnerships manager


Marius Starcke


Elisa Schneider


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